8 Tasks You Can Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

As an executive with a multitude of tasks on your plate, maximizing your time to build your business can be challenging. That’s why there is a demand for personal virtual assistants, as they can tackle tasks that slow down your progress.

VA plays a crucial role in an executive’s success, simplifying and managing tasks to significantly grow businesses. You can delegate a wide range of tasks to your personal assistant, from running errands to overseeing daily business operations.

If you’re searching for a signal to delegate tasks and hire your first VA, this is it. To streamline your process and save time, we’ve compiled a list of tasks that virtual assistants can handle for you.

8 Tasks You Can Delegate To your Personal Virtual Assistant

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant is the secret of many successful businesses and executives today. It is a cost-effective strategy you can use to elevate your business to the next level.

If you’re new to outsourcing tasks, here’s a quick rundown of responsibilities you can easily delegate to your personal virtual assistant.

1. Calendar Management

As executive life gets hectic daily, managing your schedule can take a portion of your time more than you realize. It’s also a hassle to keep track of all the appointments, business meetings, and personal errands you have when you have an unorganized calendar.

When your time is divided into all things at once, you stress about unnecessary things that do not help grow your business. So, having someone to do this for you while you wait for important updates gives you time to focus on your business.

Have your personal virtual assistant set appointments for you, schedule meetings, and book personal errands, so you can use your time more efficiently.

2. Email Management

Offering products or services means receiving tons of emails from clients. You have to constantly check them to ensure that queries are answered on time and customer service is on point.

However, this is time-consuming and can take up your whole day without you noticing it. With a VA, you can be at ease knowing that client queries are responded to and complaints are resolved immediately.

Let your personal virtual assistant manage emails and give only the most vital ones forwarded to you, so you have tons of free time thinking about strategies that will grow your business.

3. Bookkeeping

Accurate and up-to-date financial information is vital in every business. It determines how well your product or service performs and gains income. However, generating accounting data requires hours or even a day to ensure that reports are accurate and you don’t miss any significant numbers.

The foundations of bookkeeping are data entry, bank reconciliation, and perpetual financial reports. All these need sharp eyes and patience to execute.

Fortunately, when you have a bookkeeping virtual assistant, you can easily delegate this task and have relevant data any time you need it for documentation or meetings.

You can provide the data and secure your finances by establishing ground rules. It’s important that you still protect confidential information such as bank details, client data, and passcodes to avoid a financial breach.

4. Travel Itinerary

Regardless of how busy the executive life gets, it’s still vital that you take time to unwind and take vacations here and there to relieve yourself from stress.

With a virtual assistant, all you have to do is hop on that plane and sip your favorite cocktail while enjoying a nice view. Let your VA book flights, and create your travel itinerary for your next vacation.

5. Personal Errands

As an executive, you can’t avoid times when tasks get in the way of your personal errands. It is one of the things you need to sacrifice when you are building your empire. However, it is not impossible to do two tasks at once with a virtual assistant.

With VAs being multifaceted, it is best to let them handle your personal errands. They will do it with ease and efficiency, relieving you of the stress of juggling multiple tasks at once.

6. Cold Calling

Closing sales is not limited to an executive like you. You need to delegate this laborious job to your VA so more people can generate income for your business. In addition, cold calling is one of the best ways to gain relevant leads.

Hire a virtual assistant who specializes in cold calling and building relationships with clients as they can significantly grow the business and relieve you of the trouble of following up with potential customers.

7. Social Media Management

Social media platforms are the most used applications today and are filled with promising clients. Staying relevant on these platforms requires using up-to-date strategies and posting consistently to appear on your target market’s feed.

Social media is flooded with multicultural users, so having someone to do the dirty work of research, and content creation saves you time. Many virtual assistants today are social media experts so it won’t be a problem for you to trust this task to someone who specializes in this area of expertise.

8. Recruitment

As interesting as recruiting new team members seems, it is more than just choosing among candidates. You have to go through the process of creating a job post, shortlisting applicants, conducting initial interviews, and making sure that their expertise best fits the job.

Delegating this task to a virtual assistant saves you time and energy to check on each application and filter through dozens of people.

As an executive, you need members who will help you achieve objectives, so ensure that you choose the right person for the right role.


There are countless tasks you can trust your virtual assistant to do for you, relieving you of the stress of burnout and time constraints. Learn how to delegate tasks to the expert virtual assistants available for you and you’ll see your business soar to heights.

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