Types of Virtual Assistants You May Hire

Before venturing into hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), it’s important to undertake a comprehensive analysis to discern which type of VA aligns best with the tasks you intend to delegate. Delving deeper into this realm, Personal Assistant Star unveils two primary categories to consider when hiring a virtual assistant: General Virtual Assistant (General VA) and Specialized Virtual Assistant (Specialized VA).

So, let’s talk about that.

General Virtual Assistant (General VA)

The ubiquitous General VA, assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operational tasks essential for the smooth functioning of your business. While their focus primarily revolves around maintenance rather than expansion, their role remains indispensable in facilitating the seamless execution of routine activities.

Within the scope of a General VA’s duties lies a multitude of technical and repetitive tasks, such as managing emails, coordinating intricate travel arrangements, meticulously scheduling appointments, data entry, and conducting research. General VAs may also undertake tasks of managing client’s social media platforms, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers to improve online presence.

Here are some of the basic tasks a general virtual executive assistant may undertake:

  1. Calendar Management: Efficiently organize your schedule, appointments, and commitments with precision and ease.
  2. Travel Arrangements: Delegate the hassle of booking flights, accommodations, and creating travel itineraries to ensure smooth and stress-free trips.
  3. File Organization: Streamline your digital workspace and enhance productivity by organizing files, documents, and resources systematically.
  4. Email Management: Stay on top of your inbox with expert management, ensuring timely responses to important emails while filtering out clutter.

Specialized Virtual Assistant (Specialized VA)

On the flip side, the Specialized VA boasts a refined skill set tailored to address specific processes within your business. Owing to their specialized expertise, these assistants command higher rates and necessitate minimal additional training.

Tasks demanding a specialized touch, including customer service, bookkeeping, video editing, and project management, are all roles well-suited for a Specialized VA.

Here are some Specialized VAs tasks:

1. Specialized Marketing and Sales Virtual Assistants

A dedicated Marketing and Sales Virtual Assistant offers comprehensive support across all facets of your digital presence. This includes strategic posting across various platforms, meticulous analysis of analytics data, refining the aesthetics and messaging of your content, and cultivating a loyal customer base that serves as brand ambassadors.

Such a specialized virtual assistant is an ideal fit for companies poised to elevate their visibility, expand their audience, and establish themselves as industry leaders. Crucially, they play a pivotal role in promoting the company’s brand and overseeing content management on social media platforms.

Moreover, they excel in lead generation and nurturing, possess proficiency in managing WordPress platforms, and adeptly handle email marketing campaigns to drive engagement and conversion.

2. Human Resources Virtual Assistants

Executive Virtual Assistants specializing in Human Resources provide invaluable support in managing HR processes within companies. This encompasses a spectrum of tasks, ranging from recruitment and personnel selection to meticulous payroll management.

Specialized Human Resources Virtual Assistants are equipped with a solid background in the field. Their repertoire of skills includes exceptional interpersonal abilities, organizational prowess, and meticulous attention to detail, particularly when handling contractual matters.

3. Virtual Assistants Specializing in Web Development

While freelance web developers have long been assisting companies in website development, dedicated Web Development Virtual Assistants offer a more comprehensive solution.

Despite their origins as secretarial assistants, today’s virtual assistants often possess diverse skill sets. Specialized in web development, they not only tackle administrative tasks but also curate visually appealing website designs tailored to your brand identity.

Additionally, they assume responsibility for website administration and maintenance, ensuring seamless functionality and addressing any technical issues promptly. Their primary objective is to craft a user-friendly interface that guides prospects seamlessly towards conversion points, thereby optimizing your online presence for enhanced sales and engagement.

4. Content Creation

Content, whether it’s in the form of written articles, captivating images, engaging videos, or any other medium, serves as the lifeblood of your digital presence. Virtual assistants specializing in content creation possess a unique skill set, encompassing graphic design proficiency, writing acumen, and a keen sense of creativity. They are creative individuals who delve deep into understanding the intricacies of your brand identity.

The effectiveness of your content hinges greatly on the depth of your virtual assistant’s understanding of your brand. The more intimately acquainted they are with your brand ethos and messaging, the more resonant and impactful the content they produce will be.

5. Virtual Assistants for Customer Support

Virtual assistants specializing in customer support embody a service-oriented mindset and boast extensive experience in catering to the diverse needs of customers.

Given the critical nature of customer service, it’s imperative to entrust this responsibility to individuals who possess the requisite skills and empathy to navigate customer interactions adeptly. These specialized virtual assistants are adept at guiding customers through every stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience.

Divergent Approaches to Outsourcing

How responsibilities are distributed among different Virtual Assistants also varies significantly.

With a General VA, the optimal approach involves outsourcing specific tasks while providing adequate training on their proper execution. This becomes particularly crucial when your business entails unique intricacies or preferences that necessitate adherence.

Conversely, when engaging a Specialized VA, it’s more prudent to outsource specific outcomes. Leveraging their expertise, these VAs excel in their designated roles, rendering it more efficacious to outline the desired results rather than micromanaging the process.

Choosing Which Tasks to Outsource

A structured categorization approach can streamline decision-making for entrepreneurs grappling with the delegation dilemma.

Tasks you should do: This category encompasses high-value, income-generating activities that resonate with your strengths and preferences, contributing directly to your business’s growth trajectory.

Tasks you shouldn’t do: Comprising low-value tasks that consume time without commensurate returns, this category includes duties better suited for delegation, freeing you to focus on more strategic endeavors.

Tasks that you want to avoid doing: These are tasks that, despite their significance, you find unpalatable or time-consuming. Entrusting these to others who are better equipped to handle them can alleviate your burden.

Tasks you can’t do: Finally, this category comprises tasks requiring specialized skills or knowledge beyond your purview. Recognizing these limitations underscores the need for outsourcing to ensure optimal execution.


By navigating through these delineated categories, entrepreneurs can chart a course toward effective delegation, leveraging the diverse skill sets of Virtual Assistants to propel their businesses toward greater efficiency and success.

With Personal Assistant Star, you can find the type of virtual assistant that suits your needs. Whether you need a general virtual executive assistant or a specialized virtual assistant, our pool of talents can provide the services needed for your growth. Reach out to us and together, let’s figure out how you can be more efficient at growing your business.

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